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Neither grandma nor great grandma travelled to the Mediterranean or a mountain cabin during the summer holidays. Travelling to the Mediterranean countries on holiday was not ‘invented’ yet and very few people had their own cabin. Instead, they left dad at home in town and took the kids to one of the many beach hotels along the Oslo Fjord. On the weekends, dad took one of the numerous ‘daddy boats’ to visit the rest of the family. Back then, Støtvig Hotel was one of the most popular summer hotels. It was a place to enjoy what was then considered a hot summer filled with memories.

At today’s Støtvig Hotel, we believe we have created a modern version of this old holiday pastime, but with a dash of ‘The Hamptons’ on the eastern Coast of the United States. We believe we are as great a summer alternative today as in yesteryear and guarantee good old-fashioned summer fun – regardless of the weather. If you’d like to pamper you and your family for a few days during the summer, this may very well be the perfect place to do so.

You don’t have to do anything at all, except enjoy yourself in one of several restaurants and bars, perhaps the most exciting of which is our latest addition, Terazzen. The price includes one of the best breakfasts in Østfold and free admission to our Bad&Spa&Trim*, with both indoor and outdoor pool (for those who find the sea a little chilly). At Støtvig Hotel, you can enjoy the hotel beach only 10 metres away and a marina. We can also recommend a visit to our Ice Cream Truck for ice cream and our new acquisition Airstream for pizza, sausage, soda or coffee.

If the weather turns out to be disagreeable, we offer plenty of indoor activities, from a bowling lane and shuffleboard to Støtvig Cinema, a live cooking theatre and wine tasting for smaller groups, as well as a playroom/gaming room for our youngest guests. An exciting time to visit is from 17–23 July, when the traditional Larkolluka week-long event is organised.

Whenever you choose to visit, you are always welcome! Oh, one more thing: the shark at the pool is tame.